Announcing Drew inks

Posted November 20, 2013 | X Comments

Well, I completely failed at keeping up with Inktober… The month of October ended and I came out with only 7 ink drawings. I did learn a lot, however, and was at least able to get back into the practice of drawing regularly. In fact, my attempt at participating in Inktober did a lot to revitalize my long-time passion for pen & ink drawing.

So, I have created a new, second website - - as a channel through which to re-focus my draftsmanship and creative skills.

The image above is the last drawing I’ll post on this site. From now on the blog portion of will be mostly geared toward UX and UI design as well as technical, nerdy stuff like AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap. Although… the thought of having individual websites dedicated to each area of my creative interests is quite enticing… we shall see.

Here’s to more ink artwork!


Inktober 2013 - Day 6

Posted October 12, 2013 | X Comments

Inktober day Six. I’m not sure exactly where this one came from. Erin described it as a sad, creepy version of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin.

Anyway, my approach on drawing this one was a bit more loose than the others. Rather than drawing all the detail and going back over with pen & ink, I just laid out the major shapes and let the pen bring in detail. It was a relaxing peice to work on.


Inktober 2013 - Day 5

Posted October 10, 2013 | X Comments

Inktober day Five. I was a huge TMNT fan as a kid. Leo here was my favorite.

So, I’ve pretty much given up on posting a new image for each day and also on going back and filling in days I missed. However, I still plan on hitting it hard and trying to keep on track.

For Inktober I have bounced back and forth between two Pen types. One is my trusty old Rapidograph set. There’s always been a rapidograph set within my reach since I was about 16. They’re easy to use but they just don’t express much life through the line.

The other pen I’ve been trying to gain skill with during Inktober is a paintbrush pen - and man is it difficult to use. When it goes right, it goes SO right, but when it goes wrong… oy. I’ve got a long long way to go with that one, but I sure do like inking with it.

Here’s to more practice!


Inktober 2013 - Day 1

Posted October 02, 2013 | X Comments

I’m throwing my hat into the ring with a large group of online artists who are creating a new ink drawing each day for “Inktober”. To find more artists publishing their pen & ink work, search #inktober on your favorite social media site.

There’s also “Drawtober”, which is driven by Autodesk Sketchbook.


Back Online!

Posted June 06, 2013 | X Comments

Hi there!

After having no web presence for about a year, I’m finally back online. A lot changes in a year! I think one of the last posts I made on the old site was about the son we were expecting. Things got real busy when he was born so I’m pretty sure I never posted about him after anouncing we were expecting.

He’s almost a year old now! Crazy how fast it goes by. We’re doing well and Erin and I are completely awestruck by how incredibly fast he grows, changes and learns. His personality was apparent to us even in the womb. He’s a strong, spirited, loving and very active little boy. Extremely social to boot! Takes after his mom!

Aside from being in love with my family and working a lot over the last year, I’ve also spent some time tinkering with different web technologies. My last site used the Flickr API for image management, but it was just so dreadfully slow. That was one of the reasons I took the site down. Hated it!

I was a WordPress user for a long time, until recently discovering Jekyll. WordPress is nice and all, but it always felt like database overkill and when it boils down to it, my posts never really changed after I created them, so why use a database at all? Jekyll is a blog-aware site templating engine that is perfect for micro-sites and blogs.

I’ve also got a few private projects on GitHub that I’ve been tinkering with. A Cloud Files based photo management app for sharing with my friends and family. A webcomic builder - heavy on the JS! I also have my own Rackspace Cloud web app which I’ll be revamping soon with Angular.js.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back on the web and hope to be posting new art, designs and even metalwork semi-regularly!